Movie fans are discovering home theaters are not just a showpiece room. They are a way to spend quality time with the people you care about, while controlling every aspect of your movie experience.

Why People Dislike Movie Theaters

  1. Dirty seats, gum and candy and popcorn on the floor
  2. People talk throughout the movie and disturb your enjoyment
  3. Someone sits in front of you and obstructs your view
  4. You have to wait in line just to get over-priced refreshments
  5. Audio and video quality can be disappointing, with difficult to understand dialogue

CBS4 News and microbiologist Dr. Julie Toruellas-Garcia swabbed movie theaters in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties and found bacteria growing in almost every spot, especially the cup holders. E-Coli bacteria was found on the floors.

Why People Love Home Theaters

  1. A clean, comfortable environment tailored to your tastes
  2. You decide who enjoys the movie with you… in complete privacy
  3. Your view is unobstructed and the audio quality is perfect
  4. You can watch whatever you choose on your own schedule