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AbiNader can play the perfect role in your project.

AbiNader Home Theaters works with architects and designers worldwide.

Architects and other design professionals choose to work with AbiNader Home Theaters because we deliver results while respecting the boundaries set in the relationship. If you want a partner who delivers results without egos and unpredictability, you can always count on AbiNader Home Theaters.

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We follow your specifications and plan a home theater project that not only fulfills the vision you and your clients have agreed upon, it also comes in on budget and on time.


We team with interior designers to build amazing home theaters. We can configure any space to combine comfort and imaginative design with an  optimal viewing and listening experience. 


We work with builders on new construction and remodeling projects to incorporate state-of-the-art dedicated rooms for home media viewing, music recording and listening, and gaming.

AV Firms

We partner with audio-visual companies to provide clients with the latest technology and automation. We are not an a/v firm so we never compete with your interests.

award-winning creativity

AbiNader is recognized as being among the top home theater creators in the United States.

Since 2000, Tony AbiNader has worked with clients to create immersive home theater experiences. He is regarded as one of the top experts in the field and is recognized for his ability to solve virtually any home theater challenge.

  • The overall impression (of the client's 13'9x13'9 home theater) is staggering – when you do a wall to wall screen, the overall feel is unique and powerful. The visual impression that wall to wall provides cannot be beat.  Sound Components designed and installed all of the audio and video equipment in the room, and worked with Tony Abinader of Abinader Home Theaters on the aesthetics of the room. We have worked with Tony on many projects and we always achieve great results together – this is no exception.

    Mark Goldman
    Mark Goldman Sound Components
  • Tony was a pleasure to work with. He is a demanding force in the industry and relentless in the pursuit of client objectives.

    Rory Saillant
    Rory Saillant Saillant Design
  • I have known and worked with Tony Abinader, from AbiNader Home Theaters, Inc, for over 7 years. We have done on average several projects every year, and they have all turned out fantastically. It is apparent that Tony is a very talented home theater consultant, but what is not so apparent is how committed he is to his clients and making sure they are happy. When you go back and visit the many jobs we have done, you realize that he is still in touch with and thought of very highly by the clients. I am happy every time we do a job together, as I know for sure it will turn out spectacularly.

    Mark Goldman
    Mark Goldman Sound Components
  • I have worked with Abinader Home Theaters on a few of Home Theater projects in Coral Gables and Pinecrest, and it was a pleasure to work with such a professional and knowledgeable company. They showed a tremendous attention to detail and coordination skills between all the trades involved in the construction, from the first sketches to the finished construction. They were one of the most favorable companies to work with, and I would definitely recommend them in the future. Many thanks to Tony Abinader for his continued support and congratulations on his superb design skills!

    Giorgio Balli
    Giorgio Balli Giorgio Balli Architecture/Construction

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