Jeremy Kipnis has won a spot in the Guinness Word Records for having the loudest home theater on earth. Pumping out 132dB, the $6 million theater is louder than a jackhammer, almost as loud as a Boeing 747, and is powered by 96,000 watts. If Kipnis actually played his system at full capacity, he would go deaf in short order.

Home theaters are not really a new idea. Jule Gilmer Korner conceived a home in the 1800s that would be part bachelor pad and part entertaining space. Along with horse stables and an artist studio, his home in Kernersville, NC was a showroom for his home design products and included a massive theater on the uppermost level. When Korner married, the theater was put into regular use by his wife.

Reception Room-visit

A Superman fan wanted his own Bat cave. After almost two years of construction the client finally had an over-the-top Dark Knight Theater complete with a life-size Batmobile, at a cost of $2.5 million.

On the other edge of the movie galaxy, Vic Wertz and Lisa Stevens commissioned a Star Wars-themed theater with sliding doors. Star Wars is a popular theater meme, but these two clients truly went above and beyond.

Another Star Trek theater, coming in with a budget of more than $3 million. With a bar and other amenities, this mother ship measures 70 by 22 feet.