For more than two years, all eyes have been on the Prima Cinema Player, which stream movies to your home as soon as they hit the theaters. For $35,000 you get the rack-mountable player loaded with a 2TB hard drive and a fingerprint security reader. Movies download automatically to the hard drive, so they are always available when you want to unlock them for viewing. This costs $500 for a high-def movie and $600 for a 3D film. You get one showing within 24 hours….and Prima can only be used in theaters that seat less than 25 people.

Is it on par with a commercial theater experience? Most people think so. Prima plays movies in 1080/24 encoded with lossless PCM or Dolby TrueHD audio. It is twice as sharp as Blu-ray, aspect ratios are identical to the theatrical master, and the digitally mastered theatrical surround sound is also on point. It’s the same quality you would get in a professional screening for movie execs.

Prima still has one big drawback – some Hollywood studios and small independents are not yet on the system. But if privacy and the convenience of setting your own showtimes are important to you, Prima has a lot to offer.