The Challenge

Room Size: 19’x38′

The clients desired a home theater in their 15,000 sq. ft. waterfront mansion, which was under construction. Specifically, they wished to entertain family and friends in a welcoming space that would include snacks and drinks as well as comfortable seating for watching movies and playing video games.

The Solution

Capacity: 15 luxury motorized leather seats, 3 barstools

Features: Movie munchies area with popcorn maker, candy display, mini-kitchen, coffee station, and beverage and wine coolers. “Real film reel” with photos of family and friends. ┬áPlaced in the top 10 home theaters on the HGTV episode “Spoil Yourself Rotten,” which aired February 2009.

The space was split into two areas: one with stadium seating for the theater experience and another with a fully equipped munchies area. Because the clients had a large library of personal photos, the idea of creating a “real film reel” came up. This award-winning idea earned the national spotlight on HGTV in 2009 and is popular on Houzz.