The Challenge

Room Size: 13.9′ x 13.9′

This small, square room proves we can create a home theater in any space. The client was afraid the room was too small for a true home theater experience. Normally, it is very difficult to achieve a good viewing experience when the screen is a short distance from the seating. The small, square room also posed an incredible acoustical challenge. However, we converted the bedroom and bathroom into a full theater with viewing room and movie munchies area behind tie-back drapes.

The Solution

Capacity:  5 luxury motorized fabric seats

Features: A wall-t0-wall 2.35 aspect ratio screen, 7.1 channel audio system built in the walls with front channels and subwoofers, starry night illuminated ceiling, munchies bar including popcorn machine. The theaters was created with Sound Components, and the client received a full home theater experience that is truly breathtaking.