Many clients wonder if they need a large space for a home theater. The answer is “No, a properly configured home theater can provide a full cinematic experience in just about any size room.” Nonetheless, if you do your homework, you’ll learn that room size and shape do have a dramatic impact on performance. In fact, you should really think of the space as part of the theater ¬†components; it affects both audio and visual quality.

The most important thing is not really room size, but ratio of length x width x height. The worst possible shape is a cube where all three lengths are equal. The next worst ratio is one where two dimensions are the same. Simple multiples are also a bad idea. For example, a room that is 16 feet long x 24 feet wide x 8 wide would pose challenges because all three dimensions are multiples of 4. The main reason room ratios matter is that the dimensions of a room affect how sound waves travel and bounce off the walls, ceiling and floor. However, we understand how to deal with the complexities of room ratios and can work with any size room.

If you are building new construction, keep in mind that an acoustically superior room generally follows one of four ratio formulas:

  1. 1.0 : 1.28 : 1.54
  2. 1.0 : 1.4 : 1.9
  3. 1.0 : 1.5 : 2.5
  4. 1.0 : 1.26 : 1.59

For example, an excellent room size would be 12 feet wide x 20 deep x 8 feet tall. In practice, however, there is really no perfect room… materials also must be taken into account. So, rather than stress to much about room size, leave the work up to us. AbiNader Home Theaters can make any room perform¬†beautifully.